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Worth Your Time Books - Accounting

Accounting Books

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Accounting Demystified: A Self Teaching Guide

By Leita A. Hart, CPA
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Editorial note: Buy this book if you like smiley faces, chapter-end quizzes and generous white space on every page to help you forget the tedium of learning accounting terms. This book is one of the few beginner books that acknowledge that accounting is not always a black and white number crunching exercise. Often business founders and their accounting advisors work in grey areas. They have to make important judgment calls that will influence a company's financial results (positive or negative), ability to raise capital down the road from lenders and investors, and ability to receive an 'unqualified opinion' from auditors. If you don't know what unqualified opinion means and you expect to borrow money from banks, it's time to do some reading!
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Step-by-Step Bookkeeping: The Complete Book for Small Business

By Robert C. Ragan, CPA
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This basic information book helps the grunt number crunchers who actually do the work of recording accounting transactions (not just review financial statements and oversee bookkeeping staff). It's especially helpful in teaching do-it-yourself TakeCommand entrepreneurs how to find and correct easy-to-make accounting mistakes.

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Accounting Simplified: A Self-Study Guide

By William Ruland
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This book is another well-organized book for entrepreneurs who want to learn more about the fiscal responsibilities associated managing a business. TakeCommand editors like this book because of its emphasis on financial statements. When entrepreneurs need to borrow money, raise money, obtain government grants, even sell to certain types of customers, financial statement and projection production will be a part of the application process. Every startup entrepreneur should endeavor to learn as much as possible about the intricacies of profit and loss statements, cash flow statements and balance sheets. You'll have a better chance of being able to 'experience entrepreneurial greatness' if you take the time to learn about the numbers that matter.


Editorial Selection Policy: As a service organization to entrepreneurs, we dislike high promise books that don’t deliver much tactical value just as much as you do. That’s why we take special care in making our editorial book selections. We receives no financial compensation in exchange for its book recommendations. However, if you buy any selected book through links on this site, we will receive a nominal commission or "affiliate fee" which will be used to help fund research and new entrepreneurial education initiatives. This fee does not increase the cost of any purchased book to you. Please support us as we do our best to support you!
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