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Customers Books

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Customer-Centric Product Definition: The Key to Great Product Development

By Sheila Mello
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Too often entrepreneurs spend a lot of time and money developing products and services that slightly or even grossly miss the sweet spot of the market. What is cool to the innovator may not be worthy of a customer's attention let alone precious cash. This book is really not written for entrepreneurs but corporate types, yet TakeCommand recommends it because of its disciplined approach to evaluating what customers in any given market are really willing to purchase. Preferably, entrepreneurs will learn this time-saving, money-saving information while they are developing a first business plan rather than after a product has been developed, packaged and now collecting dust on a store shelf. If you want to avoid that nasty 'ah-ha' moment, buy this book.
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Customer Loyalty: How to Earn it; How to Keep It

By Jill Griffin
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9 out of 10 startup businesses fail to celebrate their fifth anniversary. TakeCommand believes that these companies don't sink because of a lack of effort but a lack of managerial efficiency. Making one-time sales to hundreds or even thousands of customers doesn't set a company up for long term success. However, working hard to attract and retain customers that will buy repeatedly is very much the mark of a winning business. Customer Loyalty presents many useful strategies for managing productive, repeat customer relationships. Read this book before you write your business plan. It might change your thinking about what customers really are the most desirable customers.
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Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

By Malcolm Gladwell
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Malcolm Gladwell's guru-ish books get considerable press, so it's unlikely that TakeCommand editors can add something new to the book review discussion. We like this book, like his other book Tipping Point for trend insights. Ask yourself, what can I learn about customer behavior that will help me make decisive, well conceived product development and marketing decisions?


Editorial Selection Policy: As a service organization to entrepreneurs, we dislike high promise books that don’t deliver much tactical value just as much as you do. That’s why we take special care in making our editorial book selections. We receives no financial compensation in exchange for its book recommendations. However, if you buy any selected book through links on this site, we will receive a nominal commission or "affiliate fee" which will be used to help fund research and new entrepreneurial education initiatives. This fee does not increase the cost of any purchased book to you. Please support us as we do our best to support you!
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