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Worth Your Time Books - Leadership

Leadership Books

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Adversity Quotient: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

By Paul G. Stoltz
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Shit happens. How can TakeCommand entrepreneurs learn how to make the best out of a bad situation? This is never an easy answer; however entrepreneurs can learn to live through this emotional pain. Where can TakeCommand entrepreneurs learn to deal with disappointing "no's" from customers, investors, bankers and vendors? Right here! Stoltz is a rare breed of author who presents strategies that are memorable and workable. This is a #1 priority book purchase selection. It's important to note that TakeCommand editors are not impressed with Stoltz's follow-up book 'Adversity Quotient at Work.' It repeats much of the Stoltz''s first book, but not as efficiently. Be sure to buy the better work.
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Crunch Time: 8 Steps to Making the Right Life Decisions at the Right Time

By Ken Lindner
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Ok, it's always interesting to hear an upbeat story behind the rise of some highly successful media newscasters, like Matt Lauer. But this book has unexpected depth and wisdom about decision making. We recommend this book because TakeCommand entrepreneurs will face many 'crunch time' decisions ? both good and bad. Let Linder help you establish good thinking and working habits as you approach critical business planning decisions.
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John P. Kotter on What Leaders Really Do

By John P. Kotter
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John Kotter is an excellent, thought provoking, engaging speaker. He can easily command a room's attention whether speaking before Fortune 500 executives, his students at the Harvard Business School or a crowd of impatient, ready-to-pounce entrepreneurs. Fortunately, he is an equally gifted writer presenting his observations in a compelling way. He gets to the point quickly, explains it and builds further.
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The Daily Drucker: 366 Days of Insight and Motivation for Getting the Right Things Done

By Peter F. Drucker, Joseph A. Maciariello
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Peter F. Drucker is deservedly heralded as one of the best business management gurus of all time. This is a good starting point for entrepreneurs who are not familiar with his legendary work.
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Confidence: How Winning Streaks and Losing Streaks Begin and End

By Rosabeth Moss Kanter
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Written by a distinguished Harvard Business School professor, this book is a worthwhile read for readers who like to understand the power of trends on business organizations. Here, it is particularly enlightening to learn what can motivate or de-motivate an entire organization. Here, the best take away for TakeCommand entrepreneurs is you and your team better believe you can win before walking onto the highly competitive entrepreneurial field. This is also a great gift book for business people who love sports.


Editorial Selection Policy: As a service organization to entrepreneurs, we dislike high promise books that don’t deliver much tactical value just as much as you do. That’s why we take special care in making our editorial book selections. We receives no financial compensation in exchange for its book recommendations. However, if you buy any selected book through links on this site, we will receive a nominal commission or "affiliate fee" which will be used to help fund research and new entrepreneurial education initiatives. This fee does not increase the cost of any purchased book to you. Please support us as we do our best to support you!
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