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Worth Your Time Books - Sales

Sales Books

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Selling to VITO

By Anthony Parinello
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At some point every entrepreneur has to go over someone's head to jump start a sale to a targeted new customer. Parinello offers worthwhile strategies for gaining the cooperation of 'gate keepers' and capturing the attention of 'the very important top officer', what Parinello calls V-I-T-O. TakeCommand will always remind entrepreneurs that efficient selling is the best way to bring new cash into a company. Take the time to master new sales skills whenever possible. This book is a marvelous, real-world starting point.
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Selling to Anyone Over the Phone

By Renee P. Walkup with Sandra McKee
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Successful entrepreneurs tend to be good sales people. Even if they have never sold anything before leaving a 9 to 5 cubicle prison, they appreciate that they will have to sell first customers, first lenders and even first employees on why this new enterprise will be a rewarding place to work. Mastering good phone skills is one worthy objective and this book is a good primer for non-sales people who want to master the craft. Don't miss the chapter 'Planning and Tracking.' TakeCommand editors love the chart that lays out exactly what an entrepreneur's time is really worth.
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Talking with Confidence for the Painfully Shy

By Don Gabor
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Very few startup entrepreneurs can effectively build a great business if sheltered in a home office or garage. The business founders who tend to continue to lead businesses through several rounds of financing and growth, exude confidence. They know how to communicate with business partners, investors and employees. They help make others feel comfortable and valued. However, even the most outgoing entrepreneurs eventually have their social skills tested when challenged by difficult people and difficult problems. Read this book for useful tips on starting and managing conversations in social and business situations with poise and confidence.
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Get Clients Now

By C.J. Hayden
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This is a helpful book for service-oriented startup entrepreneurs who have recently started a business but never had first-hand responsibility for attracting new clients or customers. TakeCommand encourages all startup entrepreneurs to develop a workable system for identifying and soliciting clients. Get Clients Now presents a 28 day marketing program including helpful action lists and marketing ideas that can help any entrepreneur build a viable new business pipeline. Marketing is a never ending job that requires creativity and disciplined evaluation. This book is a good primer for beginners who can't yet afford to hire outside expertise.


Editorial Selection Policy: As a service organization to entrepreneurs, we dislike high promise books that don’t deliver much tactical value just as much as you do. That’s why we take special care in making our editorial book selections. We receives no financial compensation in exchange for its book recommendations. However, if you buy any selected book through links on this site, we will receive a nominal commission or "affiliate fee" which will be used to help fund research and new entrepreneurial education initiatives. This fee does not increase the cost of any purchased book to you. Please support us as we do our best to support you!
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