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Great Funding Database - FAQ

Great Funding Database

Frequently asked questions about the Great Funding Database:
How is the Start On Purpose funding and entrepreneurial education resource database different from other online resources?
Should I wait to join until after I start my business?
Is the Great Funding Database just geared to startup companies?
Does the Great Funding Database include resources for entrepreneurs who reside in more rural areas?
Does the Great Funding Database include Canadian resources?
How do I search within the Great Funding Database?
Can I get a copy of the Great Funding Database on disk?
Can I print out information from the database?
What is the history of the Great Funding Database?
Does Start On Purpose act as a funding intermediary?
Is Start On Purpose compensated by the organizations and funding sources that are included in the Great Funding Database search reports?
If I join, am I guaranteed to receive funding for my business?
How can I join?


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