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Why didn’t I know about the Great Funding Database before? My life would have been a lot easier. Glad to be a new member. Thanks.” Ann Arbor, Michigan

I’m a small business owner and just read your startup info …short and sweet and every potential startup should have it. Where were you 15 years ago? Good job.” Denver, Colorado

What a fantastic web site! I loved the articles. I’m looking forward to implementing the data learned tonight.” Campbell, California

You don’t know how long I’ve been searching online for all the information about angels that is in the Great Funding Database. Do more ePowerment articles PLEASE!” Upper Montclair, New Jersey

Thanks for including social entrepreneurs at TakeCommand. So many people write about it but don’t know what they are talking about; you guys clearly do” Seattle, Washington

I’ve been reading through your site for hours and I thank you. I learned a lot. I still need money but now know more about how to get it.” Daytona, Florida

Your guidance was fantastic. So easy to understand. You really need to get this out to the masses.” Lynnfield, Massachusetts

I know I can learn a lot from TakeCommand’s positive thinking and action-oriented attitude.” San Jose, California

We’re starting a new online business and stumbled on TakeCommand. I just want to say thank you because I found it very helpful. So again, thank you.” Culver City, California

I’m somewhat ashamed to tell you how many businesses I’ve started over the years and haven’t been able to get one off the ground. I’m starting again and I thought it only right to tell you how much I truly appreciate TakeCommand’s articles. Truly a God-send.” India

I find TakeCommand insights very informative and inspirational. Keep doing it. I need all the help I can get.” State College, Pennsylvania

TakeCommand is the real angel. Everything here is so helpful.” Nashua, New Hampshire

A few hours ago I was crying and thinking about closing my business. Now I have some hope that I can raise money for something I know can really work. What you are doing here is really wonderful.” St. Paul, Minnesota

TakeCommand is truly remarkable.” Lake Oswego, Oregon

Thank you VERY much for this web site. I know this sounds hokey but I feel like I’m taking command of my future whenever I come here. Lots of life lessons.” Evanston, Illinois

You guys really spell it all out. I’ve got my list of targets, know what I have to do with my pitch and just go out there and work at it. This I can do.” San Francisco, California

I hope TakeCommand is a new site because I’ll be really pissed if the Great Funding Database was around when I was trying to raise money a few years ago.” Sacramento, California

This site is so great and so helpful…..I didn’t know there were so many places all around me to help small business owners get money.” Fairfax, Virginia

I guess it would be too much to ask TakeCommand to just raise my money for me would it? Your organization is what we all need.” Houston, Texas

As college students people say we should wait to start a business. Now that I’ve got my list of funds that I never knew were even around, I have nothing to lose for trying. You get a big thank you.” Ithaca, New York

I just lost my job after 12 years. I’m sick of working for someone else. I don’t know what exactly I will do but want you to know I’m glad a site like this is out there for people like me.” Hartford, Connecticut

I was at my local chamber of commerce and they didn’t even know about all the stuff your database lists is out there—right in my own backyard!” Grand Rapids, Michigan

I’m a new to TakeCommand. Has a fan club started up yet? I have printed out every article on this site about fundraising. The ePowerment articles are especially worthwhile. Let me know when you put up more. Thank you.” Boca Raton, Florida

My goals are bigger because of TakeCommand!” Fayetteville, North Carolina

So do you think I can raise $1 million? I think I can. Got lots to do but at least I know what to do. Thanks for being here.” Cambridge, Massachusetts

This is the best place on the web for entrepreneurs who know what they want to do but not sure how to get there. Keep up the great work!” Henderson, Nevada


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