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Big Voice for Small Business

Let's Create a
Big Voice for Small Business
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Sign Petition: A Big Voice for Small Business

We are the owners and employees of America's hard working and talented small business community. We are farmers, technologists, restaurateurs, franchise owners, retailers, internet marketers, service professionals, contractors, product manufacturers, educators, artists, writers, service providers, real estate developers, social entrepreneurs and more.

We run part-time and full-time businesses. We operate in homes, office parks, incubators, strip malls, and college campuses in rural, urban and suburban areas of the country. We cross all demographic groups and believe in restoring America's economic strength.

We seek a bigger voice in Washington on issues that affect the economic stability of our businesses and our nation. Our voice is prudent and responsible. We don't ask for bailouts but policies that will generate the highest financial, competitive and new employment return on invested taxpayer funds.

Petition Agreement

Instructions: Check the issues you support as an owner or employee of a U.S. based business that employs fewer than 500 individuals. Your elected legislators, members of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate small business committees, and the White House will only receive notice on issues you expressly support by clicking below.

1.   Our Voice and Representation

Yes, the President's cabinet should include the Administrator of the Small Business Administration to ensure that the voice of the small business community is consistently well represented on all aspects of the national agenda.

2.   Supporting Small Business Advancement and Job Generation

Yes, a loop-hole free incentive tax credit should be provided to individuals (often friends, family members and supportive members of a business owner's local community) who provide long-term equity capital to privately-held, U.S-based small businesses that conduct primary operations and research and development activities in the U.S.
Yes, the annual Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant program budget should be increased by 10% to provide more funding for small businesses to research and commercialize promising new products or services.
Yes, the allocation of Small Business Innovation Research grant program funds should be more equally distributed in dollar amount across the 11 participating government departments and agencies (Department of Agriculture, Department of Education, Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Department of Transportation, Department of Commerce, National Science Foundation and NASA) with no single department representing more than 10% of grant awards to provide greater geographic and industry diversity to grant awards.
Yes, I support continued investment in the infrastructure development and funding capacity requirements of micro-credit organizations that provide startup and expansion financing to U.S. based micro-entrepreneurs and sole proprietors.

3.   Government Contracting

Yes, existing laws which require the federal and state government to award contracts to qualified small business vendors should be enforced with more detailed and timely reporting of compliance.

4.   Tax Policy

Yes, I encourage initiatives that simplify and reduce the administrative investment and level of sophistication required for small businesses to comply with the U.S. tax code as well as benefit from tax-saving incentive programs.
Yes, I favor rewarding (i) founding entrepreneurs; (ii) investors who provide long term equity capital to privately-held small businesses; and (ii) employees who participate in their privately-held employer stock option plans, by maintaining reduced capital gains tax rates on profits derived from investing in small business growth.

5.   Your Information

Address information helps us identify your specific government representatives for petition delivery. An email address is required by most congressional offices for electronic communications. See the Big Voice for Small Business FAQs for more information on privacy policies.

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