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Can Employers Insist on Getting Your Password to Facebook?

8/16/2012 5:45:37 PM | Susan Schreter

Illinois becomes the second state to pass a social media privacy law prohibiting employers from requiring applicants or employees to allow employers access to their social media accounts. The law goes into effect on January 1, 2013. It does not prohibit employers from obtaining information about applicants or employees in the public domain and it specifically excludes email from its definition of "social networking website." Maryland was the first state to pass such a law, and at least 14 other states (including California, Washington, and New York) have introduced similar legislation. A House of Representatives committee is considering legislation as well. In light of these legislative developments, employers should seriously consider abandoning or severely curtailing such practices.


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I've always been a little contrarian. Since roughly two-thirds of startups fail within seven years and one third fail within two years, isn't it worth knowing what common mistakes business owners make to help new startup entrepreneurs prosper with less money loss and heartbreak? Yes!

Now it's time to share. I'm working on a book series, how-to video projects, and on-air commentary -- all based on eight years of passionate dedication to the subject of why startups fail. The good news is the most common reasons why companies flounder are entirely avoidable.

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