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What does it mean to start a business “on purpose?”

To Susan Schreter and her groundbreaking research on startup viability, businesses close when they run out of cash. It’s not the quality of a company’s products or services that lead most promising companies to the dead business graveyard, but the cumulative cost of making too many risky, spur-of-the-moment decisions and beginner’s mistakes. Sometimes the mistakes are so serious that entrepreneurs have to discard truckloads of first inventory, dissolve partnerships, lose patent rights or have to change the name and website of the company. It doesn’t have to be.

Because startups have less margin of error than well-established companies, entrepreneurs have to make decisions with greater precision and “purpose.” And that’s the purpose of Start On Purpose – to help entrepreneurs just like you -- make the right decision with the least amount of frustration and guesswork. That’s success.

When entrepreneurs know more, they get to do more and earn more…on purpose.


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