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Social Enterprise Building

Welcome to the Enterprise Building Center

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Is your big idea to start a company that will provide services that will help your local community, your country or the world be a better place? Do you worry more about the people and problem than the profit? Do you envision that your startup for-profit or not-for-profit enterprise will be efficient and use all of its resources wisely and wonderfully?

If so, you may be part of the growing “citizen sector” movement in which innovative social entrepreneurs take an activist role in solving social problems that touch their heart and engage their intellect.

What are social entrepreneurs doing to make a difference? They are building girls’ schools in Afghanistan, designing treatment programs for autistic children, developing new drug delivery systems, writing software programs to track food production, planting renewable tree farms, organizing revenue-generating anti-substance abuse programs for inner city children and so much more.

An important component of TakeCommand’s operating mission is to enhance the proliferation of social enterprises in all regions of the U.S. We want to help social entrepreneurs help others with time-saving information that takes some of the guess work out of starting, funding and managing sustainable organizations.

While we are creating our social enterprise resource center, please join TakeCommand and visit the Great Funding Database. Within our comprehensive directory, you will find some excellent organizations that provide startup and expansion funding to non-profit social enterprises as well as to leading edge healthcare, life sciences, and alternative energy businesses.

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